I... soften things

It appears I have a knack for softening relations between people. I work with tech companies to clarify their vision and mission in an honest & human atmosphere.

My services work both on personal and business levels simultaneously. I bring teams and people closer to each other, while performing regular quality design work for the company.

Team player

People are fascinating beings, that's why I love making new connections and many of these end up being friendships for years.


If there's one word that could describe my relationship to the world - it would be curiosity. It drives me to the most interesting places and ideas.

Eager to learn

I take every opportunity for learning relevant to my work. I'm always at the forefront of "new beginnings" for people and organizations. Love working with idea-people and makers.


I say things that I mean.

I have no special talents. I'm only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein